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Nickel Alloy Stud Bolts

Nickel Stud Bolts provide exceptional efficiency in offshore applications of buoyancy and petrochemical industries, seawater, nuclear, pumps and valves etc. the effective corrosion resistance property of nickel bolts especially useful in maintaining their workability in severe environments of caustic alkalis, synthetic fibers etc.  It is also useful in chemical shipping drums, missile, rocket and aerospace components and components of electrical and electronic industries. These are designed in different dimensions according to the choices and necessity of customers.


Nickel stud bolts are popular in the form of nickel 200 whose main constituents are nickel, copper, Hastelloy, Inconel etc. the major types of these bolts according to their versatile applications and shape are foundation bolts, t-head bolts, u- bolts, mushroom head bolts of square shapes, hex head bolts, and structural bolts. They also come in different threading types according to Gauge. These bolts are meticulously designed and constructed according to IS, BS and ASTM standards ASTM, ASME SB 160/164/574/425/166/472 specifications. They are available in grades of UNS 2200(or NICKEL 200) as well as UNS 2201(or NICKEL 201). Their length varies from 3mm to 200mm and size from M02 to M33.