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Nickel Alloy Washer

Nickel washers have a wide variety of applications because they are cheap, and have sturdy and long life performance. If you are also looking for buying these washers then here are some of the things you should know about them. They are offered in various grades and sizes due to their wide range, it means that you can buy it any size that you required. They have applications in areas like nickel rechargeable batteries, non-rechargeable batteries, and many more such products. The main thing to know about these washers, which often causes them, is that these washers are also known as fasteners.


Specifications and uses-

These washers have the size range of 3mm to 200mm and length range from M02 to M30 which makes feasible for every buyer. We only deliver quality material that is why we have all our washers with the specifications of IS, BS, ASTM and with the standards of ASTM, ASTM SB186, 164,425,166 etc. These washers come in types of the flat washer, lock washer, slot, machine, star, split and many more. So do not wait and buy Nickel washer from us today at affordable prices.