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Nimonic Screw

The Nimonic Screw is mainly nickel-based screws which are made from the age hardening techniques. These screws have low creep properties, super alloy strengths and are workable in high-temperature conditions also. These screws can be used even in conditions of high pressure, acidic environment, (both alkali and alkaline) and in any extreme environment the main use of them is for the bolting purpose. They come in a wide grade range of 75, 80A, 90, 105, 115, and 263 to meet all the demands and standards. Not only this, they are available in types of hex, bolt, grub, coach, set etc so that they can widen their applicable uses.


Specifications and sizes-

The product is as good as the specifications that are why these screws are specified with all the international standards along with specifications of ASTM and ASME. This ensures quality and trust among customers. When it comes to a size they are available in size range of M3 to M56 with a length of 3mm to 200mm. they are also available in custom sizes so that your requirements can be met. We provide the best Nimonic Screw for your use and at affordable prices.