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Nimonic Washer

If you are looking for best washers for high surface finish buy Nimonic Washers. These offer the excellent surface finish to your fittings. They are manufactured by the advance machineries so the dimensions are very precise and accurate. Machines are operated by trained and experiences works so there is none of chances of damaged productions. Only tested and high quality raw materials are use in production which is 100% pure.  The finished product is inspected by the quality assurance team so any damaged washer can be removed from the batch. Over all you get the high quality finished washers for excellent performances in your fittings.


Specification of Nimonic Washer

These washers give the excellent performances in corrosive environments. Well it is designed for bearing the high stress situations. ASTM, IS, DIN are common standards of these washers. Nimonic Washers are available in various shapes and sizes which makes it easy to use. Customer can demand their requirements according to needs. They can be easily tighten by common equipments. You can buy these washers for your work in affordable prices. They delivered in wooden boxes because of safety issue.