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Nitronic Bars

Nitronic is an alloy that is highly wear-resistance and has good temperature resistance. it consists of various exceptional features due to which it is widely used for making various industrial products and equipment. Well, talking about nitronic bars, these bars are considered best due to the addition of nitronic alloy as well as its excellent features like good workability, corrosion resistance, strength, and hardness. You can easily use these bars in high and elevated temperature and can easily maintain their quality for a long time. There are several industries that make use of such bars. These bars include both national and international specifications and standards like ASTM, ASME, ANSI, JIS, DIN, and BS etc.


The size of these bars varies as per the demand and requirement of customers. These nitronic bars are available in various forms likes square, round, hexagon and billet. Moreover, they have black and polished finishing which makes them even brighter and softer. These bars are well tested and inspected by quality experts and inspection agencies that in turn offer quality approval certificate and pack these bars in best quality of cases or boxes preventing it from damage and rust.