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Nitronic Bolts

Nitronic Bolts is said to be an austenitic stainless steel which has around twice the yield strength with good rust resistance property. It has the exceptionally elevated temperature oxidation resistance property, in addition to the exceptional galling resistance. It offers an importantly lower cost way to combat galling and wear compared with high nickel alloys and cobalt bearing. Using 4% silicon, 8% manganese and other essential elements, it is manufactured. It is mostly used for pins and fasteners which need resistance to galling and strength as well. It always keeps maintained decent strength at extremely high temperature. It is used to joint one object to another as well.


It never gets corroded and now it can be purchased in various grades, sizes as well as lengths, so that the patrons across the globe can buy it in accordance with their perfect requirements. This is a superior quality of product and has the best quality of life. Nitronic Bolts are available in different finishing, which protects it from being rusted and further damages. What are you waiting for? Buy it today and avail its boons.