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Nitronic Fasteners

Nitronic Fasteners are steels using nitrogen additions to enhance strength. Nitronic steel is an austenitic steel developed for multi-purpose applications. Nitronic has oxidation resistance and is developed specifically for high temperature capabilities.


Nitronic steel fasteners are wear and galling resistant. The silicon and manganese added to the alloy protect it from galling and fretting even in annealed conditions. The steel’s strength is enhanced using cold-working. In comparison to other steel grades, the yield strength of Nitronic fasteners is good. Fasteners have four distinctive types like screws, bolts, washers and nuts that are used for various applications. Nitronic steel has a good strength-to-weight ratio, which makes the usable in buses and railcars to reduce weight. Nitronic is also used as hydraulic tubing in the aerospace industry. The retention of mechanical properties in ultra-low temperatures makes it compatible for low-temperature applications. Nitronic 50 is used in boat shafting and rod rigging. High resistance to galling and metal wear is executed in Nitronic 60. Silicon addition gives it resistance towards wearing, galling and fretting during annealed conditions.