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Nitronic Screw

These screws are the purpose screws which mean that Nitronic Screw is manufactured only for specific purposes. They are mainly used in gas, oil and pipe industry for various applications. They are available in various grades and with various names which often get people confused. They are also known by the name of alloy 218 screws also and in grades of various qualities. They acquire their strength with the help of nitrogen, which provides them with corrosion resistance and other authentic properties. They provide excellent services in a high-temperature range of about 1400F to 2500F and also comes with the low magnetic property.


Specifications and sizes-

These Nitronic Screws are made with international specifications of ASTM A 194 and ASME SA 194 and with standards of IS, ASTM, BS, JIN, DIN and all other international standards. The length of these screws is between 3mm to 2180mm and size range of M3 to M56. These screws can also be made with custom sizes so that all requirements can be met. When it comes to type they are available in head, hex, thread, socket, steel, panel and many other types. Do not wait and buy them from us today.