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Phosphorous Bronze

Phosphor Bronze is a copper alloy. It contains 0.5-11% tin and 0.01-0-35% Phosphorous. The tin content in this alloy determines the corrosion resistance and also gives it strength. Phosphorous gives it resistance to wear and tear, also increasing the stiffness of the alloy.


The alloy is known for its strength, low coefficient of friction and toughness. The phosphorus also reduces the viscosity of the metal in molten condition. It is used in working environments where constant wear and tear, and chemical corrosion are of concern. It is used as diaphragms, bushings, shafts, bearings, thrust washers, bellows and valve parts. This alloy is primarily used for electrical applications as they have superb spring qualities. Apart from this it also has excellent formability and fatigue resistance. Silicon bronze comes with the addition of other elements and has different types like Nickel silicon Bronze, and Silicon Aluminium Bronze. A variety of grades are also developed for specific purposes in the Silicon bronze category. Aircraft industry makes usage of the alloy in many applications effectively.