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Phosphorous Bronze Bolts

The Phosphorous Bronze Bolts offer some great features like anti-corrosive, dimensionally stable, anti-slipping flooring; longer service life, resistant to adverse weather conditions, excellent metal, and many more. This bolt product is manufactured by high skilled professionals from the finest grade raw materials and using the latest technology under high performance manufacturing unit. The Phosphorous Bronze is excellent material to manufacture bolts and is suitable for bearings and is extremely machinable. These are used in electrical applications and many more.


The Phosphorous Bronze Bolts Specifications-

The bolts made by these metals are designed with the standard ASTM C54400 and has size “1/4 to 2”. These fasteners are suitable for applications where high strength is required. In addition, the phosphorous alloy bolt is also useful for sheet metal alloy, which is not welded due to deformation and modification of material can occur. The phosphorous Bronze fasteners are mostly appreciated by the customers in the national and international market. The main materials of this alloy bolt are copper with in addition to tin and are environment-friendly which does not contain any harmful component and deoxidized by the phosphorous.