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Phosphorous Bronze Nuts

The Phosphorous Bronze nuts are of ASTM specification and of ASTM C54400 standards. These bronze nuts are known for their excellent resistance against chemical corrosion, wear, and fatigue. These nuts are available in many types such as hex nuts, self-locking nuts, nylon insert nuts etc. Each type of these nuts is known for their properties of excellent formability, superb spring qualities. Not only this, the metals are used to make it can be stamped, formed, bent and blanked, when annealed.


The coupler nuts of this category are constructed from a standard alloy of great importance in electrical and various industries. They are also used in electrical connectors, screw machine products, bushings, gears, valves, shafts, and many other springs and electrically connect. The Phosphorous Bronze nuts are available at reasonable rates from the top manufacturers and suppliers of this industry. Their good physical properties are the reason behind its popularity in various fields.


These nuts are designed in many types because of their extensive requirement in different industries. These are manufactured under the supervision of very experienced quality engineers who verify their quality through different tests. The Phosphorous Bronze nuts are obtained from finest quality of raw materials and ores.