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Phosphorous Bronze Stud Bolts

Phosphorous Bronze Stud Bolts have alloys that include of copper, tin and phosphorous. They have 0.5 and 11% tin and 0.01 to 0.35 % phosphorous. They are made with super quality, fatigues resistance, highly corrosive resistance and excellent formability as well. These fasteners are being used for all electrical products are also used in various things that provide you with corrosion resistance bellows, diaphragms, and other spring washers.


Phosphorous Bronze Stud Bolts provides them with great strength, fatigues, and great machinabilityS as well. They are well known for high wear resistance and also for corrosion resistance as well. These fasteners high freezing range and also provide you with extensive segregation of alloy when it gets cool. This metal is also known as tin bronze is known as alloy copper, tin and phosphorous. These fasteners are available to you in various grades and also provide you with great resistance. They work the best in all types of environment and are known to be one of the best among all. They are well tested and certified so that they can easily gain customer satisfaction.