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Ship Building Steel

ABS Steels are a type of structural steel developed for shipbuilding. ABS steels come in a variety of grades with ordinary to two-levels of high-strength variations. Ship-building steels are developed for long-shelf life and optimal services. Steels used in ship building also require high resistance to cold, increased strength and weldability. Steels are used in a variety of forms such as hot-rolled plates, flat bars, rods, bars, strips and tubular products for ship-building.


All ABS Steels are carbon-steels. Commercially available grades of ABS steels are A, B, D, E, DS and CS. The grades contain a variety of alloying elements that give specific properties to the alloy. High Strength ABS steels are available in six grades AH32, DH32, EH32, AH36, DH36 and EH36. Shipbuilding steels are used for creating cabin structures on cruise ships. Ship Building steels can be formed into thin plates. The flatness and weld-ability make the steels highly usable in such applications. High-strength steels are used for offshore applications like platform superstructures and special ships for oil & gas industry. The high-tensile strength also makes them usable in building hulls for ships.