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Silicon Bronze Bolts

The Bronze Bolts are generally preferred in wooden boat construction and other wooden works.  It offers many salient features like resistance to corrosion compared to stainless steel bolts, high strength compared to brass and many more. Mostly woodworkers prefer Silicon Bronze Bolts over other bolts because of its natural beauty, appearance, which enhances the value of handmade boats and other sea crafts. The other benefits of using this bolt are that it is not easily corroded and has the superior strength that stands up to extreme conditions, Silicon bronze is often chosen over other materials and is commonly found in commercial applications, especially in marine industry and sewage disposal.


These Silicon Bronze Bolts can be driven with simple wrenches from the side, equipped with special machinery and it does not need to aid installation. These bronze nuts are manufactured to the highest possible standard and will meet your all specifications. The size of this bolt lies within the “¼ to 2” and has standard ASTM C65100, C65500, and C65600. You can grab this product from any trustworthy vendors in the market at a reasonable price.