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Silicon Bronze Fasteners

Silicon bronze fasteners are metalloid semiconductors that are blue-grey in colour. Silicon is commonly used for many commercial purposes without being separated or with processed natural minerals. Bronze primarily contains copper and 12% tin. Silicon bronze on the other hand contain 96% copper. The lead-content in silicon bronze is low. Other elements like iron, manganese, zinc and tin are also alloyed with silicon bronze. This alloy has superior corrosion resistance and good formability.


Silicon Fasteners is used in many industries for its formability. It is used mostly in chemical applications, for which it was originally developed. Four types of commonly used fasteners include Screws, Bolts, Washers and Nuts. The strength of silicon bronze Fasteners is enhanced also with its load bearing properties. This also makes silicon bronze applicable in many applications like raceways, cages and spacers. Silicon Bronze has another type i.e. AMS 4616, which has good machinability. Iron is also added to silicon bronze along with other alloying elements to give it added strength. Applications like bus bars Bus conductors, hollow conductors, vacuum tubes, anodes for vacuum, microwave tube and coaxial cables.