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Silicon Bronze Nuts

Silicon Bronze Nuts is of alloys copper and tin along with contents of silicon. The material silicon bronze is also very famous in mechanical and marine industries. These nuts have better resistance against corrosion, more durability, and strength than other metals or stainless steel. In spite, the higher costs of bronze, the nuts of silicon bronze are more reliable and durable. There are mainly three specifications given to these rugged nuts of silicon and bronze based on their use. First, one is alloy 651 of silicon bronze that has 98.5% of copper, 1.5 % of silicon and are found applications in cold-headed parts.


The second one is the hot-made alloy 655 of silicon bronze of 97% copper and 3% silicon. In addition, the third type is of alloy 661 silicon bronze of 95% copper, 3% silicon and 0.5% of lead. Woodworks are used in these materials because of their beautiful appearance on their crafts. The corrosion resistance ability is utilized in marine industries as well as sewage disposal. The workability of Silicon Bronze Nuts remains unaltered in sulfite solutions and brine because they remain strong even in adverse temperature and pressure.