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Silicon Bronze Stud Bolts

Silicon Bronze stud bolts provide you with guarantee most innovative products with the best quality material in the industry. They are said to be the most popular bolts in the bronze families. The alloys provide you with high corrosion resistance and have great non-magnetic properties. These are the alloy that is known to be the best and are well suited for naval constructions, and are used in minesweepers. Silicon Bronze stud bolts are known to be the best for stress reliever and help you in reducing the risk of stress corrosion failure.


They are the stud bolts that are available to you in various sizes and are also available to you in large quantities. They are a high content of copper and it is being balanced with silicon that provides them with high strength, great resistance and other things that greatly helps the marine and other process industries. There is a small amount of manganese, tin, iron, and zinc. Silicon Bronze stud bolts have good casting qualities that provide you with high strength and easy Weldability. The bolts are well tested and certified as well.