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Silicon Bronze Washer

Purchasing Silicon Bronze Washer can be a tricky task if you are unaware of them but you do not have to worry as we will help you. These washers or fasteners have excellent features like abrasion resistance, fine finish and also they are quality approved. These features make them useful in many industries like car manufacturing, the building of ships, hardware items, electrical industry and many more. The main use of these washers is that they have outstanding services in areas with high potency and enhanced corrosion. Another reason for having so many features is that they are made from excellent raw materials by experts in this field.


Size and specifications-

A product is as good as its specifications and that is why it has specifications of ASTM with standards of ASTM C65100, C65500, and C65600.  They have a size range from ¼” to 2” which makes them wise enough to meet every person’s demand. We also provide custom size orders for customers who need Silicon Bronze Washer in other size. So, do not wait and buy these washers from us in the best quality with exceptional delivery and quality services.