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Stainless Steel Channels

Stainless Steel channels are hot rolled into C or Box shapes. Channels in these shapes are ideal for many applications. C-shape SS channels are used for structural applications. Other uses include manufacturing, fabrication and repairs.

Stainless Steel channels are used in truck beds, trailers, agricultural implementations, industrial maintenance and transportation equipment. The C and U-shapes of these channels help in providing additional strength to the channels. In case of any vertical or horizontal load projection C-shape channels show much more rigidity. Machining, welding and cutting is easy in this shape using proper equipment. The galvanization carried out on these channels helps in enhancing the corrosion resistance. Stainless steel channels are made with different elements, which includes 10.5% chromium of the total weight. These stainless steel channels can well resist the damage caused in case of phosphoric or nitric acid attacks. Martensitic, and Austenitic are two types of stainless steels. Other two types include the Ferritic and Duplex. All four types of stainless steels are extremely efficient in resisting corrosion. Austenitic steels form the biggest stainless steel family. Almost one-third of the stainless steel family includes austenitic steels.