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Stainless Steel Flanges

Stainless Steel Flanges are one of the most versatile types of Flanges that are used in the industry. Stainless Steel Flanges and Fittings offer excellent resistivity against various corrosive media, which makes them suitable for high temperature and high-pressure applications. Stainless Steel Flanges provide absolute dimensional accuracy. SS Flanges do not corrode in reducing acids and offer resistivity against sulfur bearing atmospheres. These SS Flanges are widely popular for application because of their effective price points. SS Flanges are also known to require the lowest maintenance.

Stainless Steel Flanges and Fittings come in four different types namely Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic and Duplex. These types are classified based on different metals that are mixed to form various grades of Stainless steel. Out of these, Austenitic is the most commonly found type of SS Flanges. The Stainless Steel Flanges pressure and temperature ratings help them to be in application in numerous industries. Stainless Steel Flanges are used in an environment where high resistivity is required. chemical plants, chemical tankers, water treatment plants, Food processing, and pharmaceutical industries, etc. are some of the industries that use the SS Flanges.

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