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Stainless Steel PTFE Lined Flanges

The SS PTFE lined flanges are considerably expensive and are more heavily alloyed. These flanges are then used in an application needing the high chloride resistivity. The Stainless Steel PTFE flanges are effective in applications that require high general corrosion against organic acids such as acetate and acetate formic acid. The high strength of the SS PTFE Blind flanges makes them resistant to corrosion under a variety of conditions. The SS PTFE lined flanges are designed for applications where the chloride-bearing cooling water causes problems with corrosion. Usage of the SS PTFE lined flanges is the most cost-effective way of transacting between pipes.


The Stainless Steel PTFE lined flanges are a good choice for connecting different diameters of the pipes. The strength and hardness of these flanges are strengthened by the cold-work operation. These SS PTFE flanges are less susceptible to embrittlement and irritation, even after long periods of use. The SS PTFE lined flanges are dimensionally accurate and easy to mount. For their applications, the industries which use the SS PTFE lined flanges include heat exchangers, gas and oil industries, desalination plants, and pipes in the chloride-containing solutions industry. The lined flanges of Stainless Steel PTFE are also used in the Utility and industrial systems.