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Stainless Steel PTFE Lined Sight Glass

SS PTFE lined sight glass may be mounted as vertical or horizontal pipes. It is assembled according to customer specifications, to custom lengths. Equipped with a thick wall borosilicate glass viewing tube and a sturdy rigid stainless steel tie rod brace, SS PTFE lined sight glass assembly is. The creative architecture enables the whole process to be visualized at 360°C. SS PTFE Industrial sight glass with no visible dead space provides a barrier-free cross-section. Stainless Steel PTFE coated sight glass is used in the food, cosmetics, medical, and other industries. The SS PTFE-coated sight-glass assembly is resistant to corrosion and chemical resistance.


For separation processes, Stainless Steel PTFE lined sight glass is commonly used. This is made from a material that is extremely corrosion resistant and is intended for use with extremely hostile, toxic and corrosive products. SS PTFE lined sight glass is made in such a way that it provides a full view from any angle. This is bidirectional in form and can be easily mounted in any orientation. For industrial equipment such as desalination systems, heat exchangers and heat condensers, these Stainless Steel PTFE lined sight glass is used in a wide range of industries. Uses SS PTFE lined glass in the chemical industry. They are also used in the pharmaceutical industry.