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Stainless Steel PTFE Lined Valves

The SS PTFE lined valves have an integrated body structure that provides greater stability and reduces the chance of shell leakage as well. SS PTFE lined valves are designed to withstand the surface stress. SS PTFE lined valves need substantially less torque to perform their operations. The valves filled with Stainless Steel PTFE have very low effective values. Often, they make basic manual operations visible. Within these valves, the ball is fully encapsulated in PFA and FEP. The patented geometry of the ball allows for a smooth shut-off. For comfort, the SS PTFE lined valves have low working torque.


The Stainless Steel PTFE lined valves have an integrated ball. Its proprietary geometry provides a perfect shut-off. SS PTFE lined valves are fitted with an anti-blowing stem assembly to avoid blowouts. The valves are leak-free and have low running and maintenance costs. The lined SS PTFE valves have low working torque to provide comfort. Stainless Steel PTFE lined valves can be used as more economical alternatives to high-grade alloys in corrosive applications within the food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. They're also used in fertilizer, pulp, paper, and metallurgy industries.