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Stainless Steel PTFE Strainer

The SS PTFE strainers are designed to ensure minimum pressure loss. It includes pipeline components such as pumps, valves, flow meters and so on. The Stainless Steel PTFE strainers have an exchangeable filter array. The SS PTFE strainers are used to prevent the passage of solids through a thread for the tubing. It also has a long and stable life in the toughest of circumstances. SS PTFE strainer is a closed vessel washed or removable with a filter or section for separating particles from liquids or gasses. The Stainless Steel PTFE strainer has a lightweight assembly and is optimally controlled. It has the capacity to clear up to 100 percent of the clogging products.


A drain link for the removal of the accumulated particles or solids is provided in the SS PTFE strainer. We deliver more corrosion resistance than general Strainers. Job toughness is critical in hardening Stainless Steel PTFE strainers. These are easy to weld and can be welded in all standard welding processes. Thanks to their excellent resistant qualities, they are used in many industries. Industry industries for SS PTFE strainer include food processing industries, beer brewing industries, design industries, and milk processing industries. These are also used for the manufacture of chemical tanks, water filtration devices.