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Structural Steel

Structural Steel is a group of steels developed for applications in construction industry. These steel are generally formed into long elongated beams with specified cross section areas. Structural steels such as I-beam is capable of supporting high load without sagging.


Structural steels come in a variety of shapes such as I-beam, HSS-Shape, Z-Shape, Angle, Structural Channel or C-beam, Tee, Railway profile I-beam, Bar, Rod, Plate and Open web steel joints. Most of the sections in SS are made using hot & cold working, certain sections are made using welding techniques. Structural Steel has high strength, toughness, stiffness and ductility properties. It is used for commercial and industrial building construction. SS is capable of being draw into any shape that is either bolted or welded together. Steel is a non-combustible material but when heated to a high extent its strength is reduced significantly. Tall structures are built using steel due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. Fire proofing materials can be used to prevent steel from excessively heating. In most structure the thick concrete covering over the steel rebar gives it enough fire resistance.