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Structural Steel Sheet and Plates

Structural steel plates as the name suggests, are developed for applications in the construction industry. Structural steel plates are converted into elongated beams with specific cross section area. Structural steels are capable of holding high loads without bending or sagging.


Shape of different kinds are available in structural steels such as HSS-Beam, I-Beam, Z-Beam, Angle, C-beam or structural channel, I-Beam, Railway Profile Beam and open web steel joints. Hot and cold working is used to make most of the sections in stainless steel. Welding techniques are used for certain sections. Properties such as toughness, high strength, stiffness and ductility are present in structural steel plates. Structural steels are primarily used for industrial building construction and for commercial use. Bolted or welded, structural steel is capable of being drawn into any shape. Though structural steel is non-combustible, in exposure to high heat the strength of structural steel is significantly reduced. The high strength-to-weight ratio of these steels is helpful in making high rising building structures. To avoid excessive heating these steels are coated with a fire proofing material.