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Super Duplex Steel Fasteners

Super Duplex Steel Fasteners are similar to that of Duplex Steel fasteners. These also have a tow structure containing austenitic and ferritic steel structures. These steels are developed for use specifically in Oil & Gas industry. Corrosion resistance in these fasteners is superior.


Super Duplex is mixed with high amounts of molybdenum and chromium in comparison to that of duplex steels. The well balanced double structure of these fasteners gives them strength and corrosion resistance. Nickel and molybdenum is added in small quantities, just like in duplex steels. Fasteners made form super duplex steels come in types like screws, bolts, washers and nuts. Chloride resistance is high in these steel fasteners making them effective in such environments. Yield and tensile strength of these super duplex steel fasteners is higher than that any austenitic or ferritic steel grade. Marine applications make extensive use of these Super Duplex fasteners. The sodium chloride present in these grades do not cause any damage to the surface of the steels. Applications like subsea coastlines, fire-fighting systems, offshore coastlines, and oil & gas plants make use of Super Duplex Fasteners.