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Super Duplex Steel Screw

This Super Duplex Stainless Steel screw is used widely because they have long lasting service due to their chemical composition and materials used. They have features to outstand the weather of extreme conditions, resistant to aqueous and acidic damage, and even workable at very high and cold temperatures. This means that these screws can be used in almost all the environments. They are available in various grads so that only best grade is used at different places. These screws are made with a mixture of ferric oxide and austenite so that the best of the material can be obtained.


Specifications and sizes-

A product is as good as the specifications that is why these screws are specified with ASTM 4 479 and ASME SA 479 with standards of IS, ASTM, and many international standards. The raw material used for its manufacturing is of excellent and the process is guided by experts in the field. We provide them in various shapes and grades so that every demand of customer can be met. They are available in size range from M3 to M56 with the length of 3mm to 200mm. we have all the grades available so do not wait and order these Super Duplex Stainless Steel screw from us today.