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Super Duplex Steel Sheet and Plates

Super Duplex Steel contain austenitic and ferritic steel structures. Oils and Gas industries use Duplex steel plates for specified applications. The resistance towards corrosion is superior in SD Plates. Super Duplex is similar to that of Duplex steel with enhanced properties.


When compared to Duplex Plates these Super Duplex Plates have high amounts of molybdenum and chromium. The well-balanced dual structure of these Super Duplex plates enhance the strength and corrosion resistance. Plates are thicker versions of sheets. Plates are measured using units like Millimetre and gauge across the world. Alloying elements like Molybdenum and nickel are added in small amounts to the plates. Thus, reducing the costing of the alloy. Chloride resistance in SD plates is high, when compared to that of single structure of austenitic and ferritic steels. When compared to plain ferritic steels the tensile and yield strength of SD plates is high. Marine applications make use of these plates extensively, owing to the resistance to the damage cause in such applications. Other applications like offshore coastlines, subsea coastlines, fire-fighting systems, injector and ballast water systems and oil & gas plants make use of super-duplex plates.