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Super Duplex Steel Tubing

Austenitic and Ferritic Steels are used in the making of Super Duplex Tubing. SD Tubing are developed for specific usage in the Oil & Gas industries. Corrosion resistance is superior in these Tubing.

Molybdenum and chromium are in high amounts in Super Duplex Steels as compared to Duplex Steel Tubing. Strength and Corrosion resistance are prominent in these Tubing, owing to the well-balanced dual-phased structure. Nickel and molybdenum is added in small amounts to these tubing. Which reduces the making cost. Hence, making these tubing more cost effective. Chloride resistance is high in SD tubing, thus making them usable in chloride environments effectively. Tensile and yield strength is also high in comparison to the only austenitic or ferritic grades. Thickness of SD tubing is alterable, without compromising on its quality, as well as durability. These Tubing are usable for marine applications, without much damage to their structure or surfaces. Applications such as fire-fighting systems, subsea coastlines, offshore coastlines, injector and ballast water-systems, and oil & gas plants make use of Super-duplex Tubing.