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Super Duplex Steel Valves

Super Duplex valves are also austenitic and ferritic dual structured alloys. These are similar to Duplex Steel but have certain enhanced properties. These valves are built specifically for oil & gas industries, as they have superior corrosion resistance.


In comparison to simple duplex steels the molybdenum and chromium content in these valves is high. The strength and corrosion resistance in super-duplex steels is high, owing to the dual phased structure. Valves have four different types such as hydraulic, solenoid, pneumatic and motor. These valves are known to have use in regular household applications such as dishwashing and washing machines. Chemical plants also make use of Valves to regulate the flow of chemicals. Water taps make use of valves to control the flow of water. Similar to Duplex Steel, Super Duplex steels also use lesser amounts of nickel and molybdenum. Thus, reducing the cost of manufacturing these valves. Tensile and yield strength of SD Valves is better than austenitic and ferritic steels. Marine applications use SD Valves extensively, as chloride does not cause damage.