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Tantalum Sheet and Plates

Tantalum Plates are lustrous and have high corrosion resistance. Owing to its inert nature, laboratory equipment is made using tantalum.


Tantalite is the ore from which the tantalum is extracted to produce plates. Procedures like crushing and gravitational separation are used to separate the tantalum from its ore. Welding on these tantalum plates is conducted only in the presence of inert gases like helium and argon. The welding process requires an inert atmosphere. In annealed conditions these tantalum plates show extreme ductility. Electronic component production uses tantalum is extensive quantities. Tantalum is used mainly in high-powered resistors and capacitors. Alloys with high strength, melting points and ductility are produced using tantalum. Tantalum is an alloying element in super alloys. The light-weight and portability of tantalum makes it usable in automotive parts, mobile phones, cameras and PCs. Super alloys made using tantalum find use in nuclear reactors, chemical processing equipment, jet engine components and missile building. Wires and filaments are easily drawn from tantalum plates. This formability is due to the highly ductile nature of tantalum plates.