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Titanium Flanges

The Titanium Flanges are lightweight flanges that also offer high toughness. The titanium flanges are manufactured with a mixture of Titanium with minimal additions of different metals such as aluminum and vanadium. These additions help the flanges to achieve high strength and solidness. The Titanium flanges are highly resistant to corrosion, especially in seawater. They show high resistivity to attack by acids and alkalis. The Titanium Flanges also offer excellent resistance to mildly reducing to highly oxidizing media with or without chlorides. These flanges also possess the capability to maintain their stability and strength even at low temperatures.


The Titanium Flanges have high tensile strength. They have high formability, making it easy for them the be available in several different flange types. The Titanium flanges are pure, making them highly dense. This property helps them to be in application for longer work life. They are ideal for applications where excellent room-temperature ductility is required. The industries that use the Titanium flanges are Food processing industries, pharmaceutical industries, Navy ship component manufacturing industries and Chemical processing industries. These flanges are also used in piping systems in Desalination and Hydrocarbon refining industries. Some of the other industries that use the Titanium flanges are Medical implants and Air pollution control equipment.

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