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Titanium Screw

The Titanium Screw used in the market is made from the pure titanium so that they provide exclusive and excellent services. These screws are made with allotropic alteration in the hexagonal shape at a temperature range of 1650 Degree F. the main use of these screws is in aircraft, honeycomb structures, heat exchangers, the skin of air craft’s, bellows etc. They are also used in chemical, petroleum, biomedical and many other similar fields. It is always advised to use these screws with the prior knowledge of them as they are specific usage screw.


Specifications and sizes-

As always we provide only the best quality service we made all the products with international specifications of ASTM B 348 and ASME 348 along with standards of IS, JIN, DIN, ASME, ASTM and all other international standards. These screws are available in sizes of M3 to M56 and in inches of 3/6” to 2” and custom sizes are also available. They have a length of 3mm to 200mm so that all the customers can meet their requirement. So do not wait and order thee Titanium Screw from us to receive them in the wooden crate and in best quality.