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Titanium Sheet and Plates

Titanium Plates have a lustre. These plates have high strength and low-density. Elements such as iron, vanadium, aluminium, and molybdenum are added with titanium to develop strong, light weight alloys. Two of the most prominent features of titanium plates are its strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance.


Titanium plates are strong with high ductility. These properties of the alloy make it usable in many applications. It is effectively used as a refractory metal, due to its high melting point. The tensile strength of pure titanium is high. Acids like sulphuric, organic and hydrochloric do not cause damage to the titanium plates. Titanium plates are thicker versions of sheets. Measurement of Plates is done using Millimetre or gauge as units. Chloride solutions do not cause damage to the titanium plates. This makes it usable in marine applications like naval ship building. Titanium is used for applications in aerospace, chemical, agri-food, desalination plants, automotive parts, petrochemical plants and sporting goods. Titanium also makes an ideal choice in medical fields, owing to its bio-compatibility and non-magnetic nature.