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Titanium Stud Bolts

Titanium stud bolts are great in demand because of the amazing features it offers and the wide applications. They are strong, corrosion resistant as well as light weighted which make it number one choice of the buyers. Also, these bolts are known to deliver high strength as well as density as compared to the metal bolts. These bolts are mainly used in sporting goods, marine application and oil% gas industry.


Titanium stud bolts can resist chloride, perchlorates, and hypochlorites and thus, they are used in the chemical processing industry. Also, this type of bolts is utilized in paper& pulp industry. The common form of this type of stud bolts is the shoulder bolts as well as hex bolts. The specification for grade 2 titanium stud bolts is ASMT B 348, ASTM F 67 and ISO 5832-2. These stud bolts are available in the customized size, length. The price of the bolt is different in different stores and if you are going to buy it then makes sure to read the details like standards, grade name and so on.


Only good quality Titanium stud bolts will offer you better performance.