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Titanium Washer

If you are searching ultimate strength washers, Must consider Titanium Washers. These has tendency to bear high loads where none of other washers deforms.  You can use it in your house hold works as well as for industrial purpose. If you are using these washers in your fittings chances of any accidents are negligible, thus, using of these washers makes your work safer.  Titanium washers have property of resisting the corrosion which makes it suitable for work in under water. It gives excellent performances in complicated assemblies. It is well designed for multiple uses. All of these are available in different metric sizes varies between M10 to M36.


Specification of Titanium Washers

IS, BS, ASTM are the standards of washers you can find. Flat, lock, sealing, split, slot, star, machines are some types of Titanium Washers. You can use these washers for high surface finish for your fittings. They can easily tighten by the spanner or ratchet. Production is done by advance machines so that find any damage washers. You can prefer these washers for long term engineering applications. You get only quality washers.