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Abrasion Resistant Hardox 400 Plates are an innovation in engineering materials specifically designed for applications exposed to wear and abrasion. The uniqueness of the Hardox 400 Plates composition lies in its perfect blend of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and boron. The combination of these elements results in a material that provides exceptional resistance to wear and tear, extending its service life significantly. Hardox 400 Plates is widely used in various industries. As this excellent material continues to gain attraction in various sectors, Hardox 400 Plates is an epitome of strength and resilience.

Hardox plates are well-known for their durability and strength, which are useful in various industries and applications. These steel plates are resistant to wear and tear, significantly contributing to longer service life and reduced maintenance costs. These plates are favoured due to their low weight, minimal thickness, and excellent workability, allowing for streamlined manufacturing processes without compromising structural integrity. In addition, Hardox 400 Plates can be easily welded and machined, making them an ideal choice for designing customized solutions for challenging conditions. Let’s dive deeper and learn more about the composition, advantages and uses of Hardox Plates.

Chemical Composition of Hardox 400 Plates: 

The table provides a detailed breakdown of key elements in the chemical composition of Hardox 400 Plates .

GradeC maxMn maxP maxS maxSi maxCr maxNi maxMo maxB maxVOther Element
Hardox 4000.201.600.025-0.700.801.000.800.005- 

It is evident that the Hardox 400 Plates composition offers a balance of key elements to achieve specific mechanical and structural properties for demanding applications.

Mechanical Properties of Hardox 400 Plates :

This table presents a detailed breakdown of key elements in the Mechanical Properties of Hardox 400 Plates.

GradeMechanical PropertyCharpy V Impact Test
HARDOX 400YieldTensileElongationDegreelongitudinal
Min MpaMpaMin %







This table provides a summary of the essential Mechanical Properties and performance aspects of Hardox 400 Plates.

Advantages of Hardox 400 Plates

Hardox 400 plates, made from the wear-resistant steel alloy known as Hardox 400, offer several advantages, which are as follows:

  • Exceptional Wear Resistance: Hardox 400 plates are known for wear resistance, which makes them suitable for applications where abrasion and wear are significant concerns. This property is crucial in the mining, construction, and manufacturing industries.
  • High Toughness: Hardox 400 Plates exhibits high toughness despite its impressive hardness, providing resistance to impact and shock loads. This makes it suitable for applications where the material is subjected to dynamic forces, such as heavy equipment and machinery.
  • Long Service Life: The combination of excellent wear resistance and toughness contributes to the long service life of Hardox 400 plates. This durability results in reduced maintenance costs and downtime for equipment and structures.
  • Formability and Weldability: Hardox 400 Plates exhibits good formability, allowing for the fabrication of complex shapes. Additionally, it maintains good weldability, facilitating the construction and repair of equipment without sacrificing structural integrity.
  • Quality Assurance and Certification: Hardox 400 Plates suppliers offer plates that often come with quality assurance and certifications, ensuring that the material meets specified standards for performance. 

These properties make Hardox 400 Plates a preferred choice for industries where durability and performance under abrasive conditions are crucial.

Uses of Hardox 400 Plates 

Hardox 400 plates, known for their wear resistance and toughness, find applications in various industries where abrasive conditions and high mechanical stresses are prevalent. Here are some common industrial uses:

  • Mining Equipment: Hardox 400 plates are extensively used in the mining industry to manufacture buckets, liners, and other components in heavy equipment like excavators, loaders, and haul trucks due to its wear-resistant and long service life properties.
  • Construction Machinery: Hardox 400 plates are used in the construction industry to fabricate components for equipment such as bulldozers, crushers, and concrete mixers, as they are durable.
  • Transportation Industry: Components of transport vehicles, such as truck beds, trailers, and dump bodies, are often made with Hardox 400 plates. The plates' high strength and wear resistance contribute to the durability of these components under heavy loads and abrasive materials.
  • Earthmoving Equipment: Hardox 400 plates are used to construct earthmoving equipment like graders, scrapers, and loaders. The plates help withstand the abrasive forces encountered during excavation and earthmoving activities.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Agricultural equipment, including plows, harrows, and crop handling machinery, often manufactured using Hardox 400 plates. 

To sum it up, the remarkable properties of Abrasion Resistant Hardox 400 Plates make them a go-to solution for businesses looking to enhance the longevity of their equipment.

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