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Hardox 400

Abrasion resistant plates are used in the areas where the danger of being prone to abrasion or wear is high.  Another best quality of these plates is their hardness. The Abrasion resistant Hardox® 400 plates are said to be 3 times harder than the other type soft steels and have the ability to resist the abrasion all year round. Other than this the Hardox® 400 plates have various applications and is said to be a multi use abrasion resistant steel which represents excellent weld ability, good bend ability and high toughness. It is due to these properties of Hardox® 400 plates that they are used in the structures that need moderate wear.


The Abrasion resistant Hardox® 400 Sheets are renowned for tough and harsh environments giving a higher payload and long service life. These plates are designed in different thickness, length and width which you can get them custom made as per your requirements. Besides all the properties mentioned above, these plates also have tough hardening, grain refined, flat clean, prime finish and shot blasted products along with the high impact properties.

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