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abrasion resistant hardox 450 sheet

Hardox 450 sheet is a specialized steel plate manufactured by SSAB, Sweden. It is abrasion-resistant and combines hardness, strength and toughness to maintain structural integrity even when exposed to high levels of wear. Its chemical composition includes iron, carbon, manganese, silicon, chromium and molybdenum, giving the sheet its unique abrasion resistance properties.


Abrasion-resistant Hardox 450 sheet is a wear-resistant steel with superior strength and excellent properties. It is an incredibly durable steel that can resist abrasion, wear and even fatigue. It also has a high tensile strength, which ensures it can be used for demanding applications such as agricultural equipment, Mining operations, Buckets, etc. In addition to its resistance to abrasion, this material has excellent flexibility and weldability due to its low carbon content. This makes it the perfect choice for heavy-duty machinery components where durability is paramount.

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