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abrasion resistant hardox 500 sheet

Hardox 500 is an abrasion-resistant steel sheet popularly used in applications requiring higher wear and tear resistance. Its composition consists of fine-grained ferritic–martensitic steel, with a guaranteed minimum hardness level of 500HBW. Its superior mechanical properties make it ideal for construction, mining, and other industries requiring increased wear resistance.


Hardox 500 is a high-strength wear plate that is abrasion-resistant and highly durable. It offers outstanding properties such as exceptional weldability, toughness and bendability, and low-temperature impact strength. This makes it ideal for heavy machinery parts in construction, mining, demolition and forestry applications. In addition to these features, Hardox 500 is also resistant to corrosion thanks to its special alloying elements, chrome and nickel, which provide superior protection against rust.

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