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Abrasion Resistant Sheet

Abrasion Resistant Sheet is a specialized sheet material made from high-performance synthetic fibres, such as polyethene and aramid. The fibres are then woven or felted together to form a durable, flexible surface with excellent abrasion resistance and can withstand extreme temperatures. Abrasion Resistant Sheets have impressive physical properties, including high impact strength, chemical resistance, flame retardancy, and superior electrical properties. This makes them an ideal choice for applications which require durability in harsh conditions.

Abrasion Resistant Sheet is highly acclaimed due to its excellent abrasion resistance. It helps reduce wear and tear, thus prolonging the life of products such as conveyors, chutes, tanks, and other surfaces subjected to heavy abrasive forces. The sheet is designed with a unique blend of polymer compounds and special reinforcements that improve tensile strength and tear resistance. It also features superior impact absorption properties, making it an ideal option for industrial applications requiring high-quality protection against harsh conditions.

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