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The High Tensile 10.9 Screw is produced by use of medium carbon steel, a medium alloy of carbon steel and low carbon boron steel. These products are first quenched and tempered to ensure the best services. Due to their properties, they are used in industries of an automobile for the purpose of bolting large mechanical parts and also for forging metric parts. They are used in other industries as well because they have the good tensile strength and yield better results. Screws of this grade are also good in wear resistance and work well in extreme temperature conditions.


Specifications and sizes-

These screws are used worldwide so they have to be made with international standards. For this, they are specified with features of ASTM, ASME, API and further standardized with EN, GB, JIN, and other standards so that they can be used everywhere. When it comes to size, these screws can be made available in a wide size range of M3 to M160 and in length of 3mm to 200mm. They can also be made available in other sizes and lengths as per your needs. So do not wait and purchase this High Tensile 10.9 Screw from us today.

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