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The stud bolts used in various applications including automobile have good tensile strength. It should also have good wear resistance. All such properties are present in grade 10.9 bolts. These high tensile 10.9stud bolts are designed for bolting large parts of automobile including the forged parts. Medium carbon steel, steel alloy including steel having low carbon boron is used to manufacture these high tensile 10.9 bolts. The manufacture should ensure that these bolts meet SAE J429, ASTM A324 and grade 8 standards. They should also ensure that the bolts have good yield strength and tensile strength that meets the industrial requirements.


The distributor that offer high quality metric grade bolts should be chosen for the purpose. The buyers should make deal with those offering high tensile 10.9 stud bolts in customized finishes and fine sizes. Buyers should also ensure that the distributors deliver the product on or before the time. Moreover, buyers should know that they buy the best bolt for their needs and high tensile 10.9 stud bolts are perfect for all kind of automobile application. So, take the specialists advice before buying the bolts in bulk.

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