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Alloy steel 8.8 bolts are widely used for their superior strength, durability and resilience in construction and engineering applications. Comprised mainly of Chromium and Carbon, alloy 8.8 is a special type of steel produced with high tensile strength and yield strength to provide exceptional levels of resistance against impact, wear, stress fractures and fatigue. Additionally, alloy steel 8.8 also contains elements such as Manganese, Silicon and Phosphorous, all of which influence the spark resistance and weldability found in this particular type of steel bolt. This makes them even more suitable for use in volatile or hazardous environments that could be subject to ignition from sparks or open flames.

8.8 Alloy steel bolts are some of the popular multipurpose fasteners available today, commonly used for structural assemblies and machined parts. This type of bolt, made with alloy steel, has a reliable tensile strength which can hold up to higher pressure than typical steel bolts and is also more resistant to corrosion and elements such as heat and water than non-alloyed bolts. This stress-resistant technology makes them ideal for automotive engines, heavy industrial structures, bridges, furniture assembly and other environments requiring durability. The unique properties embedded in these bolts ensure they remain secure in various conditions while providing an excellent level of precision - making them an affordable yet dependable choice for many industries around the world.

FAQ's for Alloy Steel 8.8 Bolts

Alloy Steel 8.8 Bolts are high-strength fasteners with a minimum tensile strength of 8.8 N/mm² (which corresponds to the number 8.8 in its designation). They are commonly employed in construction, industrial machinery and agricultural applications where superior tensile strength is required.

Alloy Steel 8.8 Bolts offer superior strength, hardness, and toughness compared to ordinary bolts as well as excellent corrosion resistance and fatigue properties. Additionally, they feature increased wear resistance and ductility compared to other bolts.

Alloy Steel 8.8 Bolts Starts At Rs 90/Kg To Rs 110/Kg

The HSN (Harmonized System Nomenclature) code for alloy steel 8.8 bolts is 7318.16.00.

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