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Do you know how high tensile 8.8 bolts are manufactured? well, these bolts are manufactured using best raw material. Mostly it is produced utilizing medium carbon steel. Further quenching and tempering of the high tensile 8.8 bolts take place. These bolts have features like good tensile strength as well as good performance in various environments. This grade of bolts is available in various standards as well as size.


Specification of this grade is as follows-

It is manufactured as per 4017 DIN 931/933 or DIN EN ISO 4014 or IS 1363/ IS 1364. The size of the bolts may vary from dia M 20- 100 MM/ inch or customized. The finishing in which bolts of this grade are available is hot dip galvanized, zinc plated or plain.  These high tensile 8.8 bolts are utilized in processing equipments, engines, railroad equipments, motors.


The durable and good quality material offers many more applications. Thus, buy it from the reputed manufacturer who maintains quality as well as standards of the material. In addition to this check the tests as well as certification of this material before its use. Tested material offers better performance and safety.

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