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The High Tensile 8.8 Screw is made using the best quality raw materials to ensure optimum quality. This grade of a screw is very strong and durable, and they are made from combining very high quality imported heavy metals. This screw is used in almost all industrial units and is much in demand by the customers all over the world. This high tensile screw is made up with ISO standards and comes with a stylish finish and is available at a competitive price. These grades 8.8 screws are manufactured in such a way that it provides good tensile strength and provide good performance in a different environment.



This screw are made with international standards such as IS / BS / BSW / DIN / ASME / ASTM. This screw comes in finishing such as plain, zinc plated and hot dip galvanized to work in any critical temperature condition. The size lies between M 20 to 100 mm or 3/4 to 3.1/2 inch. This High Tensile 8.8 screw is designed to survive and last long in harsh condition and production maintains international levels standards to guarantee top-notch product quality and durability.

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