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A213 T17

As the buyers is always looking for buying the pipes of excellent quality so that they do not find any issues while using it for engineering and industrial purposes. The pipes are easily offered at an unbeatable rate by incorporating the greater price discounts on the range of T17 grade tubing. The extensive range of ASME SA/ASTM A 213 T17 steel alloyed pipes are available in the variety of materials. It includes ASTM A213 T2, T9, T5, T22, T122, T911, T91, T17 etc. The Alloy steel A213 T17 tubing is used for responding high efficient industrial waste incineration boiler. It has been demanded high in maintaining the high performances and high quality. The pipes will effectively fulfill the user’s expectations in all aspects.

The Alloy steel A213 T17 seamless tubing is available in length of single and double random and also in cut length and as per client requirements. The value-added services offered with it is heat treatment, machining, bending, annealing etc. The test certification that the tubes undergo is manufacturer test certification, their party investigation, lab test certification from the government approved laboratory and IBR test certifications.  Its ends are beveled, plain and treaded end

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