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A213 T23

Making use of Alloy Steel A213 T23 Tubing brings numbers of features and benefits with it.  this product can be used in industries for some specific intentions such as heat exchangers, paper and pulp, water treatment, oil and gas, fertilizers and else. These are being sold out in the market at competitive prices and the good thing about it is that you can but from lower range to higher range. The equivalent standard of it is GOST 550-75, EN 10216-2 and ASTM A335.  This is only available in one kind called seamless. Its outer dimensions are form 6to 2500 mm and 1 to 200mm. The wall thickness of it is from 3 – 15 mm schedule.

 The end of tubing is such as beveled end, plain end as well as treaded. Hydraulic, rectangular, square, round and etc are its forms. Its schedule is SCH 40, STD and SCH 80. You can buy it in any length, but still its maximum length is from 1 to 12 mm.  It’s one of the specialties that it is available in large diameter size.  You can also afford its U bending seamless size.

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