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A213 T36

Alloy Steel A213 T36 Tubing is used to give the response to highly efficient industrial; water incineration boiler and have been demanded to keep maintain both high performance and high quality. The product is made using super good raw material like alloy. The alloy is used to make it can’t break soon and is highly corrosion resistant. This grade tubing is prepared in the laboratory along with IBR test certificate. It comes in standard as well as the cut length and it can be expanded and draw according to needed length and size. This is available in the market with some value added services like machining, bending water quenching and manufacture or IBR test certificate.  The tubing has to go through third party inspection in order to find any defect and imperfection.

Alloy Steel A213 T36 Seamless Tubing comes in the variety of forms such as boiler tube, special shape tube, round, hydraulic tube, heat exchanger tube, and coil. The specialty of the tubing is that it is condenser and heat exchanger tube. It is mostly used in industries to accomplish many projects such as refinery, petrochemical, boiler and else.

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