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A335 P122

Alloy steel A335 P122 pipes have extra ordinary value added services. Those services are like heat treatment, annealed, bending, welding, machining, etc. They vary in various lengths likewise single, double random and customize length 12meters. These pipes also pass all types of test related with quality assurance, those tests are as follows- mill tests, chemical reports, mechanical and PMI test reports, third party visual inspection, NABI approved lab reports.




Alloy steel A335 P122 pipes has different outer dimensions such as 0.5 inches to 60”OD. If we are going to discuss about their wall thickness which goes to4 inches to heavy grade inches and also available in rolled and welded forms.

These pipes have perfect finishing such as black painting, galvanized finishing, anti corrosion oil, and finishing as per customer requirements. These pipes have wide range of diameter which varying from 16 mm to 1016 mm while wall thickness goes through 2 mm to 120 mm.


Alloy steel A335 P122 pipes are made up of carbon with the addition subsequent to chromium, vanadium, molybdenum and many other important metals. They are basically used for high temperature services and applications.

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